Visit Porto Alegre in Brazil
Visit Porto Alegre in Brazil

Porto Alegre is a Brazilian city and the capital of the southernmost state of Brazil, Rio Grande do Sul.10 belongs to the metropolitan middle region of Porto Alegre and micro-Port Alegre.1 With an area of ​​almost 500 square kilometers, has a diverse geography with hills, lowlands and a large lake, the Guaiba. Dista 2027 km from Brasilia, the capital nacional.2 10 11

The town consisted of the arrival of Azorean couples in the mid-eighteenth century. In the nineteenth century had the influx of many German and Italian immigrants, receiving also Spanish, African, Polish and Lebanese. Developed quickly and now houses more than 1.4 million habitantes.10 The city faces many challenges, including the large population still living in poverty and low-income dwellings, 12 high cost of living, 13 high incidence of obesity and smoking, 14 15, serious deficiencies in sewage treatment, 16 much poluição17 and degradation of original ecosystems, 18 crime rates elevados19 20 and growing problems of trânsito.21

On the other hand, boasts more than 80 awards and titles that distinguish it as one of the best Brazilian cities to live, work, do business, study and have fun. Has been highlighted in recent years also by the UN as the Metropolis 1 in quality of life in Brazil three times; as having one of the 40 best models of democratic public administration for its participatory budget and for having the best Human Development Index (HDI) between centers nacionais.22 IBGE data pointed to in 2009 as the Brazilian capital with the lowest unemployment rate 23 British consulting firm Jones Lang LaSalle in 2004 included it among the 24 cities with the greatest potential to attract investment in mundo24 and figure in the PricewaterhouseCoopers list among the hundred richest cities in the mundo.25 Porto Alegre is an influential city in global scenario, getting the global city rating of "range -" by the Globalization and World Cities Study Group & Network (GaWC) .26

Moreover, Porto Alegre is one of the country's most literate cities arborizadas27 and 10 is a regional center of attraction for migrants in search of better living conditions, work and study28 and has an infrastructure in many respects superior to the other capitals of Brazil .29 was international headlines when it hosted the first editions of the Social Forum Mundial22 and was chosen as one of the venues of the World Cup of 2014.30 It also has a skilled and diverse culture, with intense activity in virtually all areas of the arts, sports and science often with national projection and also has rich folk traditions and a significant heritage buildings in centuries and numerous museus.


Do topo, em sentido horário: Mercado Público; Usina do Gasômetro; vista da cidade; Monumento aos Açorianos diante do prédio do Centro Administrativo do Estado; panorama da cidade a partir do lago Guaíba; sede da Fundação Iberê Camargo e o Monumento ao Expedicionário no Parque Farroupilha.