verses Romanticos
verses Romanticos

Verses Romance


Love Heart!

With Eye see you, his mouth call you, her lips I kiss you, my heart I love you!


Living without you!

Living without you is not living, it's just there!



I dream of your love!

To escape the thorns of this deceptive world, I think in your affections, and dream of your love!

Errors and Truths

In life there are errors and Truths, say I love you may have been my biggest mistake, but it was my greatest truth!

To love is to you!

To love is to have the sky and just want a star, To love is to have the ocean and want to just drop, Love is to have the universe and want to just one person: you!


I am to you!

The most beautiful thing I feel is to be the end of you, is to embrace and not want to miss thee, is falling in love and not want to suffer, is to kiss and get a taste of life!


This is Love!

If someone wants for its beauty, is not love, is desire. If you want someone for their intelligence, not love, is admiration. If you want someone for his wealth, is not love, it is interest. But if someone wants very much and do not know why ... This is Love!

Love is great

Love is great and it is in this window over the sea. The sea is great and fits the bed and mattress to love. Love is great and it is in the short space of kissing.


Change someone's life

Life is a matter of choice, you can be a doctor and save lives, you can be a lawyer and defend lives, you might be police and protect lives. Or, you can be yourself and change someone's life forever!

Inside of me ...

I do not know if inside you there is a bit of me, but inside me there is a lot of you!


Verses of boyfriends and kisses

The memories of your kisses walk in my soul, there is like a lost scent, the leaves of a sad book, Perfume so weird, and such smoothness, That even disappeared, Revive a miss!



Love you forever!

I loved you in the past, love you in this, If the future allow, I will love you forever!

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Love is only beautiful when ...

Love is just beautiful ...
Love is not involved with the perfect person, one of our dreams.

There are no princes or princesses.

Face the other person a sincere and real way, extolling its qualities, but also knowing his faults.

Love is beautiful only when we find someone that turns us on best we can be


Come I treat you ...

Come I hear you, you protect, you take care, you treat, love you.



Two smiles appear ...

Lindo is when two eyes meet and two smiles appear.


Meaning of life ...

I believe that the meaning of life is to make sense of other lives.


You are my way

You are my way., My wine, my addiction from the beginning.


The person who takes you sleep

The person who takes you sleep, is the same that makes you sleep better.


Love a woman ...

Loving a woman is not only enjoy her body. This is not to dominate it as if it were its owner. Loving a woman is to treat it with care. Make love slowly and savagely. You give pleasure, protect. Not just indulge yourself and turn to sleep. You conquer it all the time, take it to the clouds. Loving a woman is to know the female awakening that is inside. Leave be herself, to lead it and let the lead. You make her feel unique, even if it is the other. Loving a woman is a real man.


My heart not to tell me ...

My heart not to tell me how yummy feel this love for you ... I love you very much ...!