Verses of Love
Verses of Love

I loved you and you did not care, now that I forgot you you come to appreciate me!

Now you give me value!
I loved you and you did not care, now that I forgot you you come to appreciate me!


Love Heart!
With Eye see you, his mouth call you, her lips I kiss you, my heart I love you!


Living without you!
Living without you is not living, it's just there!

Pretend that I forgot you!
Inside I'm suffering, knowing that lost you, Outside'm living, pretending that you forgot!

I dream of your love!
To escape the thorns of this deceptive world, I think in your affections, and dream of your love!

Ex Boyfriend!
Boyfriend who was already mine can be whoever you want, ja towel was my body today carpet of my foot!

Errors and Truths
In life there are errors and Truths, say I love you may have been my biggest mistake, but it was my greatest truth!

It's hard to forget!
It is difficult to smile like crying, it's hard to say goodbye in the mood to stay, but the hard thing is to forget someone who both want to love!

I love you to!
I ♥ you!

To love is to you!
To love is to have the sky and just want a star, To love is to have the ocean and want to just drop, Love is to have the universe and want to just one person: you!

Love and hate
Love asked to hatred: Why do you hate me so much?

Hate replied: Because one day loved you too!


Beyond the Horizon
If beyond the horizon to find someone who loves more than me, will you ... But if the gentle breeze touching your face, know that are my tears that fell!


I am to you!
The most beautiful thing I feel is to be the end of you, is to embrace and not want to miss thee, is falling in love and not want to suffer, is to kiss and get a taste of life!

I will love you all my life
I love you ...
And I will love you all my life;
Love in his gestures,
Love in your smile,
Love in his voice,
I love you as you are !!!
I will love you in all ...

The air we breathe,
In the afternoon dawn,
In the twilight,
In death ...

I love the rain that falls,
In the sun that burns ...

I wanna Love You.
Love you in my hour of sorrow,
For his memory only brings me joy;
Love you when joy arrives,
For love is joy
And I'm happy as I love you ...

Even that love becomes extinct,
I must love you;
Even if the light of the world over,
I want to enlighten you with my love;
And only God's will
Would be able to take all this love
Feeding my own existence ...

You live inside me.
Love you ...

Love bout love
if your life depends on my love
You will live beyond the life
because love you bout love

Closely know love
Closely know love.
By far know goodness.
Now I know that you really love.

Be happy with you
If to be happy, to be with you ....

This is Love!
If someone wants for its beauty, is not love, is desire. If you want someone for their intelligence, not love, is admiration. If you want someone for his wealth, is not love, it is interest. But if someone wants very much and do not know why ... This is Love!

Romantic Verse for Boyfriend
What is the measure of a verse that speaks of my love? Does not reach me the universe because my back is bigger!

Happiness is you!
Happiness is a word of ten letters ... My boils down to just four: You!