real history of terror
real history of terror

Death connects the charge
It was a rainy night and a dark that city, and the house number 103 was just a teenager, since the parents had saído.O boy was sitting on the soda drinking couch eating popcorn and watching a horror movie when the phone rang.
He resolved to answer, but when he answered there was no one on the line, so he thought it was trot and continued watching the movie. Then the phone rang again, he met and again there was no one in line, already angry, he hung up.
Half an hour later, the phone rang again, this time the connection was to be charged and the boy answered, as thought it might be important, he asked who it was, and a dry voice said, "is death"! the boy thought, "I do not believe, another hoax!" and hung up.
But when he sat on the sofa suddenly popcorn fell to the ground, the soda bottle broke, the TV turned off and the lights flickered to fully erase the alura this, the young man was already scared, so he looked out the window and saw a guy wearing a bloody tunic with hood and holding hands with their skeleton one bloody sickle approaching the house, and he resouveu put the sofa in front of the door, so that the subject could not get in, but the subject (which was death) broke a window and entered, and the young only have time to scream as she was beheaded by death.
An hour later, the parents of the young came home and were terrified to see the headless body of the child hanging on the stairs, and moved the next day.



It was night when four friends came to a cabin in snowy mountains of Montana in the United States who rented to spend the weekend. Snow covered the house and the pine trees around and the cold wind cut their faces hard. They looked at the sky and saw the full moon behind a thick layer of fog and red. They smiled at each other, the night was more than perfect for his plans.
They entered the cabin, looked every room to confirm that there was no one. Two of them were out to bring the luggage and the other two were in the room. They were dragging furniture in a circle. When everything was clean, brought the dinner table to the middle.
At this point the two that were out into the room carrying a woman's body. She was bound and gagged. The put on the table and tied his arms. The woman cried and struggled. I did not know what would happen and what those men wanted with her.
They quickly began to spread black, red and white candles throughout the house. When they finished they came around the table. One of them put a cross upside down in her womb. Each of them took out a dagger from his pocket and made a deep cut on each member of the woman screamed and writhed. The blood that her skirt was placed in small metal vessels. After a while they wet their hands in the blood and rubbed on the face leaving the skin red.
They gave hands forming a circle around the woman and began to repeat the words of the ritual. After a few minutes the woman began to twitch stronger and shouting in a voice that was not his. The four shouted the louder charm until the candles went out. The cabin was completely dark. They spread around the room trying to light the candles. It was not to look far because they are lit for you.
They were startled to see that the woman was no longer tied to the table. She stood, her eyes were white and pale skin like a dead. The ritual to invoke the devil had worked.
You called, I'm here. What do you want? The woman said with a thick, husky voice.
We want to serve you, in exchange for some favors of course. replied one of them.
The woman laughed that made the walls of the house tremble. The four also trembled in fear and terror and then they knelt.
Idiots you, think they can demand my favors? I'll take you to speak directly with the devil
- She said jumping on one of them.
She hung the first to death, the other three desperate tried to escape, but could not open the doors or windows, the house was sealed.
Now experience a little of what will suffer in hell, your new casa.Dizendo that she let out a deafening scream, the three who were still alive fell to the ground trying to cover their ears, but it was in vain, for the cry was inside their heads . The woman walked toward the door, every step left a fire mark on the ground. She left the house and closed the door, looked in through one of the windows and babbling something made the fire of candles and their footprints spread.
She turned away from the cabin in minutes was all on fire. Watching the men in hitting the glass throwing chairs trying to break the glass while their bodies burned little by little she writhed giving laughter.
Hours after police and firefighters found the woman's body lying in the snow and the house still on fire. The woman survived, but was unable to say how it got there. No body was found inside the house.


In medieval Europe there was a very pretty girl who charmed everyone in your small town, her name was Elisa Day. His appearance was always compared with red roses. One day, a strange young man came to your city and fell in love with Elisa. They dated for three days. At first, the young man went to her house. Then, he took a single red rose for her. Finally, on the third day he asked Elisa saw you on the edge of a river, where red roses growing on the bank. While the young man was on his back, the boy picked up a stone and killed Elisa. He also held a red rose between the lips of the corpse.
The story goes that before killing the young man said that all beauty must die