Phrases of motivation and funny
Phrases of motivation and funny

Do not need no proof when the truth comes from God.

God does not give you more than you can carry.

After 40 years, the only thing the doctor makes a man eat with fat, is his wife! "

"Friend is equal screw, we just know it's good when the grip!"

"It was just sending a Brazilian into space already gone a planet!"

"Love is blind, but marriage restores vision."

"The breasts are equal to an electric train, is made for children, but who jokes are the adults."

"Marriage is like a cold pool. The first idiot who jumps is pretending that water're good."

"Politicians are like diapers, should be changed constantly. And always the same reason."

"The difference between the thief and the political is that I choose one, the other chooses me."

"Man is the same watch: after the first fault, never goes right."

"Who gives importance to the little things is Japanese woman!"

"If all that is good bit harsh, I should have died long ago."

"Children in the front seat can cause accidents. Accidents in the back seat cause kids."

"Live every day as if it were your last. One day you hit."

"If you can smile when everything went wrong, it is because I discovered on who to blame."

"The best business in the world is to open a whorehouse, at least if fail, the stock can still eat!"

"Women's Past equals restaurant kitchen: better not to know but you do not eat."

"In day thunderstorms the safest place is close to the mother because there is no distance that leave."

"Beautiful Woman is equal to the Tsunami When it comes making wave When leaves, takes;.. Home, car, land, all ..."

"The problems of life are like a well-endowed pervert: Best view from the front, because if you turn your back ..."

"Poor is fuck, always says that has nothing, but when it rains, says he lost everything."

"The good friend is not what comes break up the fight, but he who comes giving a flying."

"The happiest woman in the world is the girlfriend of Saci, because she knows that if it takes a kick in the ass, who is he falls."

"The world is good because it is a ball! If they were two would suck ..."

"If you can not help, hinder, after all it is important to participate."

"Bad Hair equals villain ... or're stuck or armed ta !!!

"Politicians are like diapers. They should be changed constantly. And always the same reason."

"Evil for evil, I prefer the Alzheimer's to Parkinson's. It is better to forget to pay the beer to knock down all the ground."

"Middle Age: It is the time of life when the job no longer gives pleasure and the pleasure starts to work"

"Ugly woman is that neither high wall first gives a fear, but then we end up climbing."

"Husband is equal menstruation: When it bothers; When delays, worries"

"Man is like broom: without the stick is for nothing."

"Horn equals consortium: when you least expect it, it is contemplated."

"Polite Pinto is one that arises for you to sit."

"Ugly woman is like the wind, only breaks branch."

"My friend woman is equal onion ... I cry but how."

"Sex is the same exam, no matter the position, the important thing is to be in!"

"The vegetarian do not cry when they have an orgasm, because do not want to admit that a piece of meat gives them pleasure ...".

"Woman is equal badly beaten penalty: A kicks, another takes"

"Size does not matter. Money can not buy happiness."
I think whoever invented that shit was poor and had little dick! ...

"If boss was .FDP file would have the extension"

"Happy is the owner of fri shop, who can say," Get your things and go to f ..... "!
And the customer still comes out happily. "

"Rio de Janeiro: The sea is blue, the Botanical Garden is green, the governor is Rosie, the command is red and the thing're black."

"Ironically is when a gardener has a little flower child and a climbing daughter ..."

"Marriage starting at motel, ends in" pension "!

"Do not laugh at all, because who finds everything funny thing is cleaner motel"

"Man is the same as Styrofoam box: just fill of beer you take me anywhere."

"The difference between the woman and the man ????
The woman is always ready for whatever comes and the man who is always ready to come and give. "

"The excessively hot coffee in plastic cup, reduce by two thirds the sexual power of man: First burning your fingers, then the language ..."

"The hot woman is a set of curves able to make straight the only curve that a man has"

"What is the main difference between frustration and despair?

"Frustration is when you first can not give the second ...
Despair is the second time when you can not give the first ... "

"Trickster is the duck, which is born with webbed fingers so as not to ring."

"I so much that if I call my wife" My Well "the bank takes !!"

"Never give up the dream. If you find a bakery, look next."

"Everything is relative. The time that lasts one minute depends on what side of the bathroom door you're on."

"If jam, force. If it breaks, it needed to change ..."

"In life everything is relative A hair on the head is little;. The soup is too much!"

"Tell me who your friends are, I'll tell you if I go with you."

"I dig, you armholes, he digs, we dig, you cavais, they dig ... It's not pretty, but it is deep."

"To err is human. Put the blame on someone, then, not speaking."

"If driving do not drink. If Drinking ... call me."

"It's no use being rich and wear expensive clothes and brand is the best in life we ​​do naked"