Photos for phrases
Photos for phrases

If to feel alone in the middle of a lot of people, I prefer to be alone, literally.

α мєnιnα qυє тє єncαnтα, α мolєcα qυє тє fαѕcιnα ... є α мυlнєr qυє тє єnloυqυєcє

Repression here, bounces back! (H)

My image is what you make .. but my life, I'll take care of that

Sweet smile that makes love ... (8) '

Slutty, is one demand of me, a quality that she has not.

nαo am gαrotα of your dreams ... because you nαo dreams so high so

If you need a shoulder to cry on, I have two.

Forget the reasons that make you cry and remember only those who make you smile. (:

But the world of twists and turns in the world gives, you had to accept me. (8

If I wanted as many opinions about the way I live, life would be the other, and not mine.

strange and nonstandard teenager, do not try to understand me (y)

The most beautiful curve on a woman without doubt is the smile (;

I α imperfeitα gαrotiinhα, αqueela Quee chorα pain, αqueêlα Quee already suffered poor αmor, αqueelα that sαbe if αrrepender ♥

Fake people on my side I do not need (8 '

able to turn your dream into reality;)

aspasSim. I care about a lot of silly things.

I'm not your comfort or your time passes, much less your playground amusement. If time does not change you, the wind takes you.

I am the demanding minhαs αtitudes, my feelings, the demanding minhαs idéiαs (ý)

Who see me, see me smiling and will always be so ... sweet smile that makes love ... (8) '

gαrotiinhα with a little fresh venom

Easy stories do not usually become a legend. Easy loves not make history.

I am not loucα αpenαs live in a world that no vαle α penα be normαl (lll

My name is Boredom, my name is Jealous, I separated the Patience and married the sloth.
Like who like .. I'm so

I can not be perfect .. but I know miinhas imperfections make me one;)

Do not like other people do not go away when I cling to you.

I learned that I should not care about the comments that will not change my life.

I said you were special, not only

I'm always on, and keep an open mind.

talk without thinking is to shoot without aiming

A fact about me: I hate it when they do not give me attention.

Already stopped caring about what others think for a long time.

And that time will take me only what makes me sick.

your look in my eyes, extremece and takes effect

aspasas blind passions. true love make us lucid

if not to make me fly so high, or take my feet off the ground!

The reality is the biggest nightmare in dreamland

I was cowardly in silence me, I lacked the courage to decide with whom, with whom stay ...

Beware, as a cry can turn the girl into a villain, the little princess in an evil, and the little girl into a woman.

Not all demostrados feelings are worth

aspasEu'm afraid it is not enough for you.

Kindness is loving people more than they deserve

Either way, you take me nothing I do can turn away .. ♪

always ligαdα, elα fechα with right and gαroto prα elα, has to be mαis that smart.

I ask you to me from all those who want to steal from me happiness.

speaks ill of me she wants to be me, she is my fan not want to take more (:

Today nobody will ruin my day.

There should be no bitterness, which already had love.

A kiss to all false that love to talk about me ... HAHA

Judge me by what you see and think will not make you better than me! :))

I am a girl, superpower

strange and nonstandard teenager, do not try to understand me (y)
umα especiαl meninα, boniitα & different;
gαrotiinhα with a little fresh venom

The whole week I fall in zueira ♪

since α vidα is who αtreve α live my dream of consumption is you :)

nαo am feitα of pαlαvrαs, am feitα of αtitudes

Perfeitα nα mediidα prα αcαbαr with suα vidα ♪

I do not care what people think about me because my personality is not made of opinions, but of facts.

Try not to scream your happiness, because envy is very light sleeper.

Freedom is too little, what I want does not have name.

When pain becomes too great for the chest support, it overflows through the eyes.

He who misses, never lives alone.

It is always sweet! This is what I repeat every morning to wake up to the new day, which have peace, to have faith, that has love, that's sweet what has to come.

Meanwhile, I live my life the best way possible! -q

The αlegriα of seusOlhos & the desire of SeuCorpo (!)

Living is not ashamed to be happy: D

Do not read right? I said it was not to read, aff u read it?

Let's live all there is to live, We will allow! ♫ ♪ porq no time to come back ..

Beautiful because God wants, Where she goes, a lot of attention (8 '
if you play with fire you will get burned (66 '

I do it my way, it bothers you is because it works.

My style is to be happy ♪

Personαlidαde that incomodα, presençα that notα, felicidαde that esbanjα.! ³

Pessoαs frαcαs ѕe vingαm, strong ρerdoαm the demanding and above the demanding simply ignorαm

Deletes all of your life that makes you sick. ;]

hi gnomes * - *

Prepαre pαrα grαndes emotions!

cuidαdo, grαndes risks of desire & pαixão '


that trip, the sun, the moon and the stars ~ BIIS o /

Not give up or try now either ..

The stranger would be like you guys, all the same.

It is good when things happen without interest, without haste, without malice and without intention ...

I feel alone, but who never felt this way?

Wear your best smile and play in the world.

There is no love impossible to deal with, there people unable to fight.

Seek not be better for anyone, if changing, it's for you.