frases fazer hitler
frases fazer hitler

Adolf Hitler (Braunau am Inn, April 20, 1889 - Berlin, April 30, 1945, sometimes in Portuguese Adolf Hitler,
[3] was a military and political leader of the National Socialist German Workers' Party [4] (German: Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei, NSDAP), also known as the Nazi Party (European Portuguese or Nazi (Brazilian Portuguese, one name abbreviation German (Nationalsozialistische) and is still opposed to the Social Democrats, the Sozi. [5] Hitler became chancellor and later German dictator. He was the son of a customs official of a small border town of Austria with Germany. [6 ]
In 1923, tried to make a coup in Munich = along with other leaders of the Nazi Party. The failure of this event led him to jail, where he wrote the book Mein Kampf (My Struggle, 1924), autobiography and ideological program to Germany with their theses racist and anti-Semitic. [7] [8] In 1933 became if Chancellor of Germany; its nationalist project rearmed the country, the economy recovered and made several public works. In September 1939, invaded Poland, starting World War II. Germany, along with Italy and Japan, formed the Axis. The Axis would be defeated by the external intervention of the group of countries who called themselves the "Allies". This group became remarkable for being composed of the main representatives of the capitalist and socialist systems, including the Soviet Union and the United States, this union that became opposition in the postwar period, known as the Cold War. The Second World War led to the death of an estimated 50 to 70 million people.
Documents submitted during the Nuremberg Trials indicate that, in the period when Adolf Hitler was in power, minority groups considered undesirable - such as Jehovah's Witnesses, Slavs, Poles, Gypsies, homosexuals, mentally and physically disabled, and Jews - were persecuted in which became known as the Holocaust, in which it is estimated that about 11 million people were killed. [] Most historians admit that most of the persecuted underwent Final Solution, while certain human beings were used in medical experiments or military
Hitler survived without serious injury to 42 attempts on his life. [10] Because of this, it seems, Hitler would have come to believe that "Providence" was intervening in their favor. The last attempt to assassinate him was the attack of July 20, 1944, where a bomb, ready to simulate the effect of a British explosive, [11] exploded just two meters from the Führer. The attack was led and executed by von Stauffenberg, Coronell German sentenced to death by firing squad. This attack did not stop, less than an hour later, is in perfect physical condition with the Italian fascist dictator Benito Mussolini.
Adolf Hitler committed suicide in his headquarters (the Führerbunker) in Berlin, April 30, 1945, as the Soviet army fought its troops defending the German capital (the French Charlemagne and the Norwegian Nordland). According to witnesses, Hitler would have admitted that he had lost the war since April 22, and already passed through his head suicidal thoughts.
His sentences
We must be cruel. We need to recover a clear conscience to be cruel.
The masses will fall more easily into a big lie than a little lie.
The bigger the lie, the greater the chance of it being believed.
You can not truly live and give up what gives meaning and purpose to a lifetime.
Aque love, only love what respect and respect only what we know.
How lucky for dictators that men do not think.
to be popular and accommodate to the understanding of the least intelligent of those who pretente reach.
Christianity is an invention of sick brains.
Make the lie big, simplify it, keep saying it, and eventually everyone will believe it
The man who has no meaning in history, is like a man who has ears and eyes.
In the eternal war humanity becomes large - in eternal peace, humanity ruin.
Do not beg for rights, we fight for them.
I really thought we would win.
Women have their own battlefield. With all the children they bring into the world, fighting a battle for the nation.
The more you draw, the more you grow
With a satanic smile on his face, the Jewish young brunette hides in wait of the innocent girl he messes with your blood, robbing it of its people as well.
can serve the truth especially when it may point out something favorable to the opponent.
Where Napoleon failed, will get success, I landed on the beaches of England.
Any alliance whose purpose is not the intention of starting a war is senseless and useless.
Learning history means to seek and find the forces that lead to the causes of the actions that we see as historical events.
The art of reading as education consists in this: preserving the essential, forget the dispensable.

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