The darkness was slowly swallowed by the first rays of sun that appeared behind the old wire fence. Inside the old hut the family was preparing for another day in toil.

Then a damn barulhança yards took account.

The uncapped rooster singing, chickens clucked immodestly, dogs, horses, ducks and even old gardenal a little crazy cat who lived at the yard began to meow.

I opened the door slowly, it was the beginning of Lent, and the comment that a werewolf had been hanging around the clearing scared me.

The brightness of the sun has dawned, and dazzled my vision. But the little I could see coming good vargarinho the cause of so much barulhança.

Justin was the godfather, who lived there purchases bands of Toledo.

The surprise was great because the old man not long ago visited us.

___ Go apiando compadre, is entering the house is yours.

___ Diiiia Compadre Zé! Sorry about the time, is coming out very early to Todelo, spent the night in gallop and I could only get now.

___ Broadband modisse compadre, will apiando the woman is already preparing coffee.

Compadre Justin is a great friend. We were practically raised together. But fate separated us almost ten years.

___ Impurra the gardenal pro corner, sit there compadre, talking logo of the family, of life, of wanderings?

___ Well compadre! I was kind of overwhelmed. The doctor said that now calls overwhelmed, stress. And asked me to take a few days off. Then I thought of coming here for a few days. Hope I'm not bothering you?

___ Do not aveche, old friend. My home will always be yours. I'll take you carpenter coffee with marmalade I want to see if this guy wide stress you or not.

Laughter compadre came suddenly, the stories and the stories were emerging as serious in the past.

We talk about family, new habits of modern man. Until the Zuza, affectionately alerted us to the schedule.

It was time to go to toil.

But I admit that I came away with a curiosity that pinched me inside.

Of all the tales told by Justin that most intrigued me was the pig on roller.

Said he, that there purchases bands of Toledo, this time happens such a pig party at the roller, and that the whole region is moving around this custom.

My head was ringing. When he began to speak, his mouth was soon filling the water. Roundworms are assanharam all.

And decided I wanted to eat pork in such a roller.

That day not worked right up to the Zuza heard say that I was burning pregnant woman.

But they could to mock me, I had decided to try the pork damned.

Left early crop, arriei the Biruta, my horse and with his friend's company left the farms in the region looking for a good gelding for enrroletá it.

In the first attempt failed, the capadinhos estavão very skinny.

In the second farm, the pigs were already sold to bacon factory.

In the third farm, the farmer's wife had separated and pigs entered in the inventory, and could not be sold to a position of Judge.

There! The grief overwhelmed me. The despair and the urge to eat the pork in this roller only judiava me.

Damn time that Justin was telling me this news. The worst was that he acompahava me in search of the pig, and all the time trying to convince me that I should not get so excited about the roast.

But for me it was a matter of honor eat this pig.

As I said, we were in the middle of Lent, the rumors of a werewolf was around the region grew every day.

I already fought several werewolves in my life, did not care much.

The days passed, and nothing to find a pig at the point of being roasted.

Lent was coming to an end, and the novenas intensified in região.Naquela night, the prayer would be in the house of Nho Quincas who lived on a farm many leagues away.

Packed backpacks, arriei the foal and we left for the praise.

The compadre Justin chose not to go, he said he was a damned stomach ache.

All right! So let me and Zuza.

The prayer was the best. Had to staging the death of Jesus Christ. There purchases four in the morning and I Zuza decided to return home.

We crossed the dense forest, coffee plantations, the cotton crop and when we were entering the bridge of Arara river that separates the algodaá the clearing, there he was.

A portion of the envy of any television pig. The animal was beautiful, big, rosy, but looked like a monster.

___ It is the just man werewolf! Cried the Zuza.

___ What werewolf, nothing woman! It is the pig I've been damned the day trying to find.

___ For God's sake let the quiet animal.

___ I want to see I leave! Werewolf or not, it goes to the roller.

Esporei the horse and broke up the pig. At first the animal decided to face, but when he saw that I was determined to master it, the animal decided to run.

Jumped off the horse as a whip in hand, popped the armadillo's tail and headed up the boar.

PARPA here, PARPA there, up hills, down rebalo, but nothing to catch the damned.

Run from one side to the other almost all the rest of the morning.

I confess that I was starting to get tired. But depart to mine own will was so much that could last the rest of Lent, to the pig could be the one of the werewolf, I'd bake it, there I was.

By this time both of us, me and the pig entered the clearing which flows in my little house.

The pig darn did not know what to do, if he spoke, surely ask me for God's sake to let him alone.

He ran behind the chicken coop, went over the cotton bales and aimed the direction of my house.

That's when I noticed that the door was open. Then shouted:

___ Succor compadre, prepares the pot of boiling water that pig ta coming.

The pig having no where to run, came into my house.

___ Aprochegue compadre, closes the door this time he does not escape.

But interestingly, the compadre did not appear.

The pig ran and hid behind the wood stove in the kitchen.

So I had cornered the nozzle.

I took shotgun, went walk-by-walk to the entrance of the open where the pig was hidden.

Cocked the skinny, steadied his finger and thought, when I started to drag the trigger cries of the love of God emerged from behind the stove:

___ Calm man! For God's sake do not shoot. I am his friend.

Not that it was. The man was naked, scratched, full of lashes. The godfather was the werewolf. Why he advocated both the piggies.

And once again I was without eating such pork on the roller.