and phrases
and phrases

When things do not make more sense and nothing else hold you, do not be afraid to change the script. You only find out new paths when changing the direction.
Thoughtful Reflection

Lord, I know that your plans are bigger than mine.
God Faith

God always has an answer for everything.
God Faith

New week, new goal, old mission: to be happy.
Good week

The plan is simple: stay with you all my life.
Passionate Romantic Achievement

The secret of happiness is not to give importance to what has no importance.

I take care of you, you take care of me.

Opposites distract. The willing attract.

Small things become great when done with love.
Beautiful Inspiring

Strength and faith are what give you luck.

Luck is to recognize the good opportunities and know take advantage of them.

The only people you need to have in your life are those that prove, under any circumstances, that need you in their lives.

No matter the time it takes to captivate anyone's heart. The important thing is to mark our place to do even absent in the present.

There is no new path, a new way to walk